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Chronicle Mode


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Playing time:

350 min



The Episodes of Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles can be combined into a non-legacy campaign, called the Chronicle mode.

The Chronicle mode features a Perk tree system with persistent bonuses to customize your Leader, overarching effects based on player decisions, and no hidden rules for infinite replayability.

The Chronicle mode consists of four games in total: an introductory version and a full version of Episode 1 and an introductory version and a full version of Episode 2. The goal of the Chronicle mode is to have the most Glory by the end of the fourth game.

Glory can be earned in multiple ways, such as qualifying for Titles, accomplishing Objectives on previously claimed Titles, and unlocking high-level Perks.

Instead of using direct narrative elements, such as a journal or story cards, the game itself is the story, told with game mechanics that evolve between the Episodes. This is supported by artwork that also changes between the Episodes: your characters will age, and the look of the city of Perseverance and its inhabitants will change.

The Chronicle mode for Episodes 1 & 2 is a complete experience on its own, and the system is designed to accommodate further Episodes as well.

Overarching mechanisms

Perk Tree System

Customize your Leader with persistent bonuses and benefits throughout the whole campaign.

Titles & Objectives

Earn Titles based on your successful strategy, and gain Glory by accomplishing the Titles' Objectives.

Episode Rule Changes

The result of each game in the campaign will affect the starting setup of the next.


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