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Company Policies

Shipping and Webshop

Webshop orders are usually processed within 5 business days (may take longer during busy periods like Christmas) and fulfilled by our shipping partners located in the US and in the EU soon after the tracking link is sent. Orders can be requested to be canceled and refunded in full for 48 hours of the order confirmation.

If your delivery is pending, the tracking link doesn’t update or your parcel could not be delivered, please first contact the delivery company. If they can confirm that the parcel is missing, was returned or got damaged in transit, please email us under Our Company>Contact US>Replacements and Shipping and we’ll look into it. Please note that after 3-4 months of the shipment date (depending on the shipping company) tracking links can deactivate which makes it extremely hard to investigate what happened to the parcel, so if something doesn’t look right with the shipping, please let us know as soon as possible. 


We strive to ensure that every single Mindclash Games product you receive is in perfect condition so please feel free to get in touch with us if anything is broken or something is missing from your copy. You can reach us under Our Company>Contact us>Replacements and Shipping.

If you notice a factory mistake on any of the components (misprints, few missing components, problems with the punchboards, etc.) we will send you the replacement free of charge. If multiple components are missing from previously owned copies, got damaged, or went missing during gameplay or at home (water damage, accidents with pets etc.) we will also replace them if we can but we will ask you to cover the shipping price (we will not replace entire games). Please use terminology from the rulebook when describing the component or send us a picture, it really helps us with the identification and can speed things up. We try to reply to every replacement request within 3-4 business days (please allow a week during busy periods like Kickstarter campaigns and fulfillment periods) and if it’s something we can fulfill, you can expect the parcel soon after the correspondence. 

Licensing and Copyright

Our company name, game brands and all associated text and artwork are the intellectual properties of Mindclash Games LLC ( 30767 Gateway place #204 Rancho Mission Viejo, CA 92694, United States of America) and GMH Games Kft. (12 Tompa str. Ste 5/3., Budapest 1094, Hungary). 

If you are looking to use our brands, texts and/or images for associated or follow-on products (including, but not limited to game expansions, box insert and containers, accessories and player mats) or any written, audio or video material, please adhere to the following guidelines:


If you are interested in licensing one of our brands for foreign publishing, please get in touch with us under Our Company>Contact Us>Publishing and Localization. We already have numerous foreign partnerships and we are always open for new ones.

U.S. purchasing policy

U.S. distributors only sell Mindclash Games products to vendors who are brick and mortar stores. Those retailers may sell the products on their own websites, but not 3rd party sites (Amazon, eBay,, etc), and at a maximum of 10% off MSRP.  If those purchasing practices are not adhered to, we may request specific brick and mortar vendors to be blacklisted.

The purchasing policy we implemented came after serious consideration and consultation with our main U.S. distributor partner due to some instances where online pricing practices decreased the perceived value of our games. The policy is also an answer to how to focus on the vendors whose value offer fits a game published by Mindclash.
Mindclash games are also available online through our own webshop with subsidized shipping prices and seasonal discounts.